MedCentris Announces the Passing of Bill Borne

Covington, LA  August 19, 2016

It is with deep sadness that MedCentris announces the passing of our beloved Executive Chairman, Bill Borne, during the recent flooding of Southeast Louisiana. He was a great leader, a great man, and served as a mentor to us all. As he spent his life helping others, so he left us: helping his neighbors during this devastating flood. Bill was a man of God, and poured his faith and passion into every endeavor he pursued.

After leaving Amedisys as its founder and CEO in February of 2014, Bill turned his prolific talents toward the wound medicine industry. A Registered Nurse by training, Bill was passionate about healing patients. His vision was to organize the chaotic and dysfunctional wound care industry, leading him to co-found MedCentris to accomplish his goal. Bill was a steadfast champion of physicians and nurse practitioners, and firmly believed that achieving quality healthcare depended upon returning providers to a place of prominence and influence. He believed in the power of the physician-patient relationship, and wanted to create a whole new paradigm by which quality care was truly definable, and would be rewarded accordingly.

As we mourn his loss, we will celebrate Bill’s profound life and accomplishments. We will always keep in mind his stated mission: to change the face of health care, in his words, “to give our patients the best care ever delivered.”

We will keep his wife Wendy, his daughters Courtney, Hanna, Jaci, and his son Jake in our prayers during this tragic time. His family was the reason behind everything Bill accomplished, and he loved them deeply.

His spirit will always be with us, and influence everything we do at MedCentris. Every day, every patient we treat and heal, we will be making Bill proud of all us all.

God Bless Bill Borne.