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MedCentris utilizes advanced wound healing protocols, technology, and innovative products that help wounds heal in the shortest time possible.

Our network of highly trained MedCentris Wound Specialists™ includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and clinical support staff in more than 40 locations across Louisiana and Mississippi. We partner with hospitals, physician practices, home health and hospice agencies.

Wound Medicine

We work to understand the patient’s overall health and the reason the wound is there.


Our mission is to introduce the specialty of Wound Medicine to the healthcare arena. By using the most advanced concepts, techniques, and modalities, we create stellar patient outcomes and control costs. At MedCentris we don’t heal wounds part time. We train and employ career-dedicated MedCentris Wound Specialists™ who understand how to heal wounds in the shortest amount of time possible.


To transform the wound care industry into Wound Medicine and heal complex wounds in the shortest time using the most advanced modalities available.

Provider Oath

As a member of MedCentris, I pledge to always put our patients first, to do everything in my power to give each patient the best Wound Medicine possible, and to heal our patients in the shortest time using the most advanced modalities available.

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