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At MedCentris we specialize in wounds. Some would call it wound care, but we prefer Wound Medicine.

The difference is investigating the underlying cause, identifying impediments to wound healing, and developing a comprehensive treatment plan to heal wounds in the shortest period of time. Our MedCentris Wound Specialists™ do this every day. 

So that we are clear about our goals for potential future partners, here are some objectives:

  • Identify the impact of chronic wounds on today’s society
  • Understand the advances being made in wound care
  • Use this and other data to help heal patients in the fastest time possible
  • Determine the role of any potential partner and how this notion of partnership would benefit all of the three bullets above
An example of our ability to partner is a demonstration project conducted in concert with MedCentris and a Medicare Advantage Plan in the Gulf South. The goal of the project was to evaluate the effectiveness of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with wound care specialization in the home setting on wound resolution and healthcare utilization. And the study proved just that. 

Some of the conclusions of the study were:

APRNs, with a wound specialization, impact wound healing by reducing days toward wound resolution— this leads to less inpatient admissions, reflecting fewer complications of wound infection, cellulitis, and sepsis.
Intervention Group also had less amputations
Use of advanced modalities in the home influenced these results
APRN utilization in the home is an effective use of skill levels, increasing efficiency, quality, and cost

The wound care
industry is complex.

If you need solutions, we’ve worked with hospitals, medical practices, payors, and both home health and hospice agencies to solve their wound issues. For more information, contact us today.

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