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Billing and Referrals

The billing process begins when a patient first contacts one of our MedCentris Wound Healing Institutes to schedule an appointment or upon us receiving a Physician or agency referral.

Typically, we obtain the patient’s demographic and insurance information, or the patient completes a registration form after arriving at one of our Wound Healing Institutes.

We understand that answering your questions about insurance is important. We can provide the insurance plans we work with, but not guarantee what is covered, an out-of-pocket amount due, or other details as those vary from plan to plan and are subject to change regularly.

MedCentris accepts all health plans including but not limited to:
  • Government payers, such as Medicare and Medicaid
  • Private insurance companies
  • Managed care plans

Patients, please bring your insurance card(s) and ID with you to each appointment. It is important to have your correct insurance information on file to help us correctly bill your insurance.

Questions regarding the referral process?

Please contact your local MedCentris Wound Healing Institute, or Please contact: Care Transition Department
MedCentris Specialty Group
Attn: Care Transition Department
16065 Lamonte Drive
Hammond, Louisiana 70403

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