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Our Solutions

Wound Clinics

In our outpatient clinics, we have the greatest flexibility and best resources to help heal patients quickly. We can introduce advanced treatments and key technologies that are proven remedies for promoting wound healing. These private clinics enable us to be a much-needed resource for hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, and other physician practices and their patients who often suffer from chronic wounds.

Home To Heal®

Our Home to Heal® program enables us to assist most patients who are unable to leave their place of care or if they are unable to be transported due to extraneous circumstances. We are always Here to Heal no matter where you are.


Since 2010, our TeleWound® program has enabled us to treat patients remotely via the internet. This means we can provide Wound Medicine in places we cannot physically be. So, if a patient is in another city, a remote location, or is in quarantine, we can still provide care.

Providing wound medicine no
matter the circumstances.

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