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Medical Payments

When provided the name, address, and policy numbers of all active insurance plans upon patient registration, MedCentris will file your insurance claims for you. We recommend you track the following: charges, co-pays or co-insurance, deductible, insurance payments, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and your MedCentris statement.

After your visit to a MedCentris Institute, the billing process is as follows:
  • MedCentris will submit medical claims to your primary insurance company.
  • Four to six weeks after the claim is filed, you should receive an
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. The EOB will indicate the amount paid, services billed, and payee. If payment is provided through mail to MedCentris, the payment may be reflected on your next monthly statement.
  • Monthly statements may reflect additional charges and payments as they are posted to your account.
  • To help you track charges, payments, adjustments, and your balance, you should keep your statements.

Questions regarding the collection process?

Please contact: Billing & Collections Department
MedCentris Specialty Group
Attn: Billing Department
16065 Lamonte Drive
Hammond, Louisiana 70403

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