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Home to Heal®

Our Home to Heal® program enables us to assist most patients who are unable to leave their place of care or if they are unable to be transported due to extraneous circumstances. Services may be delivered by a clinician in the home or by telemedicine.

We are Here to Heal™ no matter where you are.

Some of the Benefits of Home to Heal®:

  • Convenient and improved access to wound experts
  • Reduces the burden/expense of travel
  • Enables care to remote locations
  • Helps prevent hospital admissions
  • Helps prevent re-hospitalization
  • Increases care efficiency
  • Prevents interruptions in designed Plans of Care
  • Reduces overall cost of care
  • Covered by most insurance


Our Home to Heal program is a solution to complex non-healing wounds. We can assist you today.

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Bringing a Wound Medicine Specialist™ into your home.

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