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Wound Care Clinic in Metairie, LA

At MedCentris in Metairie, LA, we understand that complex non-healing wounds can feel like never-ending battles. Over 6.5 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds, but we want to help people find the relief they deserve with effective, research-backed, and comprehensive wound care. We dedicate our practice to providing accurate diagnoses and advanced treatment solutions for all types of wounds to ease the pain and promote healing for our patients. 

Our practice uses certified specialists with knowledge and experience in wound care services ready to offer innovative wound healing treatments, pain control options, and individualized plans tailored to any needs without physician referral requirements. Whether you suffer from pressure sores, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, or any other non-healing wound, we want to help. 

Helping You Heal With Elevated Wound Care Services

At MedCentris, we offer three primary wound healing services to meet your unique needs. First, our private clinics are led by Wound Medicine Specialists whose sole focus is healing wounds. Second, our TeleWound® program allows us to connect with patients via the internet. And third, our Home to Heal® program enables us to assist most patients who are unable to leave their place of care. We strive to deliver effective services where you need them most.

Wound Clinic

Our outpatient wound clinics offer excellent flexibility, advanced technology , innovative treatments, and proven remedies to help you heal as quickly as possible. Rather than waiting hours and spending thousands for a hospital room visit, we offer advanced wound care that frees up busy hospitals and prevents re-hospitalization. Most major insurers cover our wound clinic services, and we prioritize making care accessible to all. 

A few benefits of choosing our MedCentris wound clinic in Metairie, LA, include the following:

  • Flexible treatments
    Advanced wound care remedies 
    Access to highly trained and experienced wound care specialists
    Affordable wound care
    Reduced hospitalizations for more streamlined healthcare
    Insurance coverage from many major carriers

In-Home Wound Care (Home to Heal®)

We understand that different conditions and non-healing wounds can make it hard to leave your home to seek the treatment you need to recover. In some cases, our Home to Heal® program brings top-notch wound healing services to your front door, so you can rest at home while receiving advanced treatments. We can travel to many remote locations to deliver care.

We often work with home health companies to deliver in-home wound care, which improves healing efficiency. We can create visit schedules tailored to your unique needs. If your wound requires weekly treatments for healthy tissue growth, our team will make it happen. Many major insurers cover all associated costs with our Home to Heal® program, and we maintain accessible pricing for all patients.

The primary benefits of our in-home wound care in Metairie, LA, include the following:

  • Improved wound care access for home-bound patients
    Reduced travel expenses and burdens
    Better care for patients in remote locations
    Reduced hospitalizations
    Improved care efficiency 
    Fewer interruptions for designed Plans of Care
    More accessible and affordable costs overall
    Insurance coverage from major carriers

Wound Medicine

We use advanced Wound Medicine treatments at our clinics and in-home wound care visits. At MedCentris, we elevate and transform the basic approaches to wound care for optimal patient outcomes. Rather than treating what we see on the outside, we go deeper to understand the underlying issues of your wound so we can heal it from the root cause.  

Before providing any wound care, we spend ample time correctly diagnosing your wound and its causes. We use the most modern and advanced technology for wound imaging, including arterial mapping to view your blood vessels and arteries, bone imaging, and comprehensive lab work. For example, if you have a non-healing wound on one of your extremities, we may use arterial mapping to check your blood flow for peripheral vascular disease.

Once we uncover the underlying problem causing your wound, we can create a treatment plan to help you heal. Our treatments may involve regular visits, prescription medications, bio-engineered dressings, vacuum-assisted wound closures, compression therapy, procedures for removing dead tissue, and more. 
If you or a loved one has a non-healing wound, request a consultation with our MedCentris wound care team in Metairie, LA by calling 1.855.HEAL.DAT or filling out our contact form


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