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Slidell, LA Wound Care Clinic

MedCentris Wound Healing Institute Slidell

Location & Contact

1310 Gause Blvd,
Slidell, LA 70458

Phone Number

(985) 602-1215

Slidell Wound Care Clinic Hours

Monday            8AM - 5PM
Tuesday            8AM - 5PM
Wednesday      8AM - 5PM
Thursday          8AM - 5PM
Friday               8AM  - 5PM
Saturday          Closed
Sunday             Closed

Wound Care Clinic in Slidell, LA

Known as the “silent epidemic,” chronic wounds affect nearly 2.5% of the U.S. population. Non-healing wounds are especially common in diabetes patients (25%), seniors, and people with vascular conditions. Chronic wounds lead to ongoing physical and emotional distress, recurring hospitalizations, and serious to fatal complications without the right medical care.

The MedCentris wound care clinic in Slidell, LA, is a top-rated local center focusing exclusively on Wound Medicine. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our wound care specialists.

How We Approach Wound Care

Considering how common chronic wounds are, it’s surprising how many medical facilities overlook such wounds or lack the resources and training to provide efficient chronic wound care. At MedCentris, we approach wound care with innovation, compassion, advanced training, and a personalized, patient-focused approach. We offer the following:

  • Accurate diagnostic tools, including comprehensive lab work, bone imaging, and arterial mapping
  • Efficient remedies for all types of chronic wounds
  • Treatment plans that focus on the underlying cause of your condition, not just the immediate symptoms
  • An outstanding team of wound care specialists
  • Flexible appointments that include in-home and remote care options

We collaborate with other medical care providers like hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies to ensure a sound wound care plan for each patient. We work with most major insurance providers and can help you check which procedures your insurance covers.

Our Outpatient Wound Healing Institute in Slidell

Our wound care clinic in Slidell, LA, is an advanced local treatment center for patients living with various types of chronic wounds. We’re proud to give Slidell residents access to innovative wound treatments and a first-class team of Wound Medicine specialists.

Our advanced technologies, efficient procedures, and patient-focused approach allow us to do the following:

  • Reduce the rate of hospital admissions
  • Help prevent re-hospitalizations
  • Lower the total cost of wound care
  • Improve patients’ health and quality of life

You can find us at 1310 Gause Blvd, Suite B, a central but quiet location in Slidell, LA. Our clinic is wheelchair accessible and offers plenty of parking.

Home to Heal™: Residential Wound Care

Limited mobility is a major factor restricting patients’ access to quality wound care. At MedCentris, we do our best to make Wound Medicine available to everyone through our Home to Heal™ program. Home to Heal™ is an effective and flexible solution for homebound patients, bedbound, or anyone who can’t make it to our outpatient clinic.

With Home to Heal™, you can profit from:

  • Access to wound care specialists in the comfort of your home or chosen location
  • Hassle-free wound care without travel commitments
  • Continuous, efficient care that helps improve your long-term health condition
  • Lower risk of hospitalization and re-hospitalization

Like in-clinic appointments, Home to Heal™ is an affordable care option with available coverage by many leading insurance providers.

TeleWound™ Program

What if you need to consult a wound care professional while traveling, temporarily out of state, or in quarantine? That’s where TeleWound™ enters the picture. Our remote wound care program allows us to provide efficient consultations through nearly any device.

TeleWound™ is a convenient solution that ensures continuity of care if:

  • You can’t make it to an in-person appointment
  • You live in a remote location
  • You need a quick consultation between appointments
  • You’re immunocompromised and aim to minimize in-person contact

Of course, your individual wound care plan may include a combination of outpatient, in-home, and remote appointments. You can count on our team at MedCentris to provide a wound treatment program that considers your convenience, mobility, budget, and day-to-day needs.

Contact the MedCentris Wound Healing Experts in Slidell, LA

Are chronic wounds compromising your health and destroying your quality of life? At MedCentris, we’re proud to offer some of the most advanced, flexible, and patient-centric Wound Medicine programs in St. Tammany Parish. Call 1.855.HEAL.DAT or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment at our wound care clinic in Slidell, LA.

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