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Wound Care Clinic in Hammond, LA

If you’re one of the millions of Americans with non-healing wounds, making it through each day can feel like a major struggle. Chronic wounds aren’t just painful; they can also seriously compromise your mental health. If your wounds are bad enough, you may even have trouble leaving your home or bed.

At MedCentris in Hammond, LA, we aim to ease your pain and treat your wounds so you can get back to living your life. In addition to treating your symptoms, we take the time to determine what’s causing your wounds so we can heal them for good. We help with pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical wounds, and any other kind of chronic wound.

Our Wound Care Treatments in Hammond, LA

At MedCentris, we offer three treatment choices to suit your needs and schedule. At our outpatient clinic, you’ll connect with skilled Wound Medicine specialists dedicated to your recovery. And if you can’t make it to our clinic, we understand. Not everyone feels well enough to leave home for care. With our home-based care programs, you can relax and let a specialist make the trip to see you.

Outpatient Wound Care Clinic in Hammond

Our wound care clinic in Hammond, LA is committed to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, effective treatments, and access to a team of expert specialists. The MedCentris staff is highly trained and draws from years of experience to offer proven remedies that aid in the healing process. We prioritize one-on-one attention for each patient and offer customized treatment plans tailored to your needs when you visit our clinic.

We understand that many patients have had negative experiences with healthcare providers that result in wasted time and money. Unlike primary care physicians, urgent care facilities, or other organizations that address a broad range of medical conditions, our focus is on chronic wounds. We avoid suggesting treatments that you've already tried, so you won't waste any more time.

When you choose to visit our Hammond, LA wound clinic, you'll enjoy many benefits, such as flexible scheduling options, access to advanced technology, and top wound care specialists in the area. We offer affordable services and accept insurance coverage from most major providers.

We Bring the Treatment To You With Our Home to Heal® Program

Not all our patients can make it to our wound care centers in Hammond, LA. Traveling isn’t just stressful; it can also seem nearly impossible when you live with chronic wounds that keep you homebound.

Our Home to Heal® program brings care to your door so you can get relief no matter where you live. If you are in a remote area or can’t make it to our clinic because you’re unable to leave your home, let our wound care specialists come to you.

We will work with your current home health provider to provide wound care that supports your treatment plan. So, if you’re suffering from chronic wounds and have trouble leaving your home, skip the trip and call us for accessible treatment today.

TeleWound® Internet-Based Care

Our team knows that if you struggle to leave your home because of chronic pain, you don’t want to visit our clinic just to ask questions about your care. With our TeleWound® program, you can get advice from our experts without leaving home.

You don’t need any fancy technology to use the TeleWound® program. Just grab your phone or hop on the computer to get started.

We Go Beyond Your Symptoms To Treat the Root Cause of Your Wounds

Many other care providers don’t have the time it takes to truly understand the cause of your non-healing wounds. They treat your symptoms, but that’s not enough to make chronic wounds heal for good.

At MedCentris, we know that we can’t just treat your symptoms if you hope to make a full recovery. This is why we use advanced diagnostic methods to uncover why your wounds will not heal. If you have a non-healing wound on your foot, we can use bone imaging, arterial mapping, and lab work to look for problems with blood flow.

Next, we devise a treatment plan to help your body heal itself. Your plan may include treatments like medication, bio-engineered dressings, and vacuum-assisted wound closures.

To learn more about our treatments in Hammond, LA, call us at 1.888.HEAL.DAT.

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