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Monroe Wound Care Clinic Hours

Monday            8AM - 5PM
Tuesday            8AM - 5PM
Wednesday      8AM - 5PM
Thursday          8AM - 5PM
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Wound Care Clinic in Monroe, LA

Are you or a loved one suffering from a non-healing wound? Our wound care clinic in Monroe, LA specializes in helping people like you find relief. At MedCentris, we understand just how complex non-healing wounds are, so we create advanced, individualized treatment plans for each patient, targeting the root cause of your setback. 

Patients and providers spend $25 billion each year treating chronic wounds as healthcare costs spike and injuries continue to affect millions worldwide. We understand the average Monroe resident does not have tens of thousands of dollars available to spend on their unforeseen problem, so we make our wound care as accessible as possible. Our primary aim at MedCentris is to help everyone in the Monroe area receive the advanced wound care they need at a price they can afford, so we ensure that most major insurers cover our services. 

Helping Monroe Patients Heal With Advanced Wound Care

Our wound care clinic in Monroe, LA provides comprehensive services to make care effective and accessible for all patients. Our advanced wound medicine techniques span our outpatient clinical services, Home to Heal® programs, and TeleWound® system. Whether you’re homebound and require at-home care, sick with COVID-19 and need an online visit, or in Monroe and ready to heal at our clinic, we can help. 

Outpatient Wound Clinic in Monroe, LA

Our wound care clinic in Monroe, LA offers state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, treatments, and specialists. Our trained team uses proven remedies based on years of experience helping people heal. We’ll work to get you scheduled so you can enjoy one-on-one attention from your specialist, and a customized treatment plan when you enter our clinic. 

We’ve learned from many of our patients that wasted time and money are common themes in their past healthcare experiences. Unlike primary physicians, urgent cares, or other upper-level organizations built to treat various conditions, we specialize in chronic wounds. We won’t waste your time with treatment ideas we know you’ve already tried. 

When you visit our wound clinic in Monroe, LA, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Advanced technology
  • Access to the top wound care specialists in Monroe
  • Affordable services
  • Insurance coverage from most major providers 

Home to Heal® and TeleWound® Programs

If you’re homebound from the complex nature of your non-healing wound, we can bring our advanced healing techniques to you. Our Home to Heal® program can work with other home health delivery services around your scheduling needs to improve healing efficiency. We deliver care to many locations around the Monroe area. 

Our TeleWound® system lets you connect with your provider digitally whenever you need care but cannot make it into the clinic. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or out of town and need a prescription refill, you can schedule a remote appointment with our wound care specialists to receive the care you need online. Most major insurers cover fees associated with our at-home and online programs. 

What Sets Our Approach to Wound Medicine Apart

What sets our approach apart is how we treat chronic wounds from within. Rather than treating your external wound, we diagnose what’s going on below the surface so we can work to heal the underlying issue. Most chronic wounds persist because of a hidden condition or disease preventing your body from healing itself the way it normally would. 

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and methods to uncover what’s causing your wound, which is essential to provide proper care. For example, we may use arterial mapping, lab work, and bone imaging to locate potential deficiencies or blood flow issues. If we can diagnose the cause of your wound, we can treat the underlying issue to help your body heal from within. 

If you’re suffering from a chronic wound, schedule a consultation at our wound care clinic in Monroe, LA, by calling MedCentris at 1.855.HEAL.DAT or filling out our contact form

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