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MedCentris Celebrates 15 Years of Wound Healing

By MedCentris   |   01/23/2024

MedCentris Wound Healing Institute Celebrates 15 Years of Wound Healing


HAMMOND, La., Jan. 15, 2024 – MedCentris® will be celebrating 15 years of exceptional wound healing throughout 2024. Defined by major innovations to help transform wound care into Wound Medicine, MedCentris has become one of the leading companies in the wound care industry.

      In 2008, co-founders Shaun Carpenter, MD, and Todd Shaffett, DNP, met while treating the same patient with a highly complex wound. By combining their skills and knowledge, they were able to save the patient’s leg. Determined to improve the state of wound care, they formed Wound Care Associates® (WCA) in 2009, which focused on providing advanced Wound Medicine to patients primarily in hospital-based wound centers with hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

      With 3G video technology more readily available, they recognized the potential to use telemedicine to help treat patients in other states or outlying areas. Later that year, they launched and trademarked one of their many wound healing innovations – TeleWound® – to provide Wound Medicine to a wider patient base.

      In 2014, they streamlined their business plans and opened their first privately owned clinic in Hammond, La., where they quickly became the community’s best source for healing complex wounds. The next year brought more change when Amedisys’ founder and long-time CEO, Bill Borne, was installed as their chairman. Bill brought more than 40 years of healthcare experience to bear on improving operations and strategy. They rebranded WCA to MedCentris to reflect the company’s vision to act as the medical center of the wound healing process. To achieve better patient data, they developed a proprietary software they named WoundMedX™. Through these business and wound industry improvements, the company focused on refining the private clinic model.

      By the end of 2017, they’d launched another advancement in Wound Medicine – Home to Heal® – via a Medicare Advantage pilot study. This proven standard of care enabled patients in home settings to be seen by advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) specifically trained in the latest technology and wound healing protocols. Understanding how incredibly strapped the industry was for more knowledgeable clinicians, they also developed a proprietary training model to credential MedCentris Wound Specialists™.

      Despite the worldwide disruption caused from Covid-19, MedCentris relaunched a more robust version of TeleWound, their proprietary Telehealth therapy platform, and expanded their patient reach with seven clinic openings in 2020 and 2021 and another five clinics in 2022, and two more in 2024, which brought them to 23 private clinics companywide.

      They continue to be a disruptor in the wound care industry by creating innovative products and services that upend poor standards of care. MedCentris’ mission is to define Wound Medicine, creating a specialty to better serve the more than 6.5 million patients who suffer annually from chronic wounds. They continue to grow and are poised to open clinics in two new states in 2024.


About MedCentris

Headquartered in Hammond, Louisiana, MedCentris provides advanced wound healing protocols, technology and innovative products that help wounds heal in the shortest time possible. Our network of highly trained MedCentris Wound Specialists™ includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses in more than 40 locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. In addition, we have 25 private clinics and multiple Home to Heal® regions. Co-founded in 2009 by a physician and nurse practitioner, we partner with hospitals, home health agencies, and other healthcare providers to define Wound Medicine. For more information, visit our website https://www.medcentris.com/ or follow us on Facebook®, Instagram®, or LinkedIn.



The first ever office in Todd's house in Bush, LA.



Dr. Carpenter cuts the cake as Todd films at their first company party.



Dr. Carpenter at BRG overseeing HBOT patients.



Dr. Carpenter and Todd attend a Saints game with their kids — WHO DAT?!



Todd on a H2H™ visit in a rural area during Covid-19 in 2020.




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